In my yard

I need to mulch the flower beds.

I need to pull grass out from between the plants I have put there on purpose.

I keep thinking that I wish I had tools that would make that easier. But that requires shopping and, when I get to the store, I dither and the weed and grass pulling doesn’t happen.

It’s a perfect day for working outside.

Why am I in here?


What are you doing?

I was pulling weeds from the bed long the fence. I had planted some potato eyes in the little spot in front of the asparagus bed and was meandering up removing grass and trash tree shoots. When I got to the blueberry bush closest to the potato patch, I looked up and found someone giving me the hairy eyeball.

My leetle friend

I wasn’t sure he’d wait for me to get back with my camera, but he did.

After some googling, I’ve decided he’s a robin.

Yard changes

This was the end of my driveway last summer.  Those are two  Bradford pear trees with a little fruiting pear tree that I planted in between them.


Bradford pear trees grow quickly and are often used here by developers to replace what they have removed while building. But, they’re brittle, so they lose limbs easily in bad weather, and the flowers stink in the Spring. Fruit trees that don’t bear fruit make no sense to me, either.

I have planted real fruit in between the Bradfords that run down the property line between my yard and my neighbors on the left. Now, the fruiting pear tree will get more sun.

An odd thing about my Bradfords, too, is that they must have all been planted at the same time, but they get progressively small as they get further from the road.


Last Friday, we had a massive ice storm that knocked out the power all over our part of the state.  Pine trees and other evergreens, including our neighbors cedar tree,  magnolias and Bradford pears were snapping branches left and right.  The Bradford at the end of the row, by the street, broke three time and finally gave it up.


Tree and limb guys are all over the place, making money hand over fist.

Three trucks of workers were next door,yesterday, cleaning up the neighbors’ yard. Then, they went down the street to do another yard. Before they got out of the neighborhood, Chuck caught them and they dumped ALL the wood chips they already had in the truck in our back yard, where we needed it so desperately to renew the labyrinth.


Then, they went to work on our mess.


In less than an hour, they finished. and we have another load of wood chips.


The entrance to the house looks empty, now.


And the mulch pile is impressive.