April Wines

La Perdrix is a Roussanne/Grenache Blanc from Nîmes that retails for $16. The Cuvée Vincent is Côtes-du-Rhône 100% Syrah that retails for $19.


French map

I am addressing the next phase of my wine education by trying to learn where the wines I enjoy come from with an eye to elevation and soil. Michelle Gibson, the owner, manager, former wine distributor and all around sweetheart at the Cork and Cow is always very informative if I know the correct question…

March wine

My choice at the monthly wine club was 2 bottles of Oak Farm Vineyards Zinfandel from Lodi, California. The vineyard was installed in a place that had an oak grove and the owners refused to remove the trees in order to plant the grapes, thus, the name. The wine is aged in oak casks, too.…

January Club Wine

In January, we get to choose from anything in the store (up to $40). These were my choices. They have both been favorites since I met them. This is one I met in Frederick, MD and have been pleased to find at Total Wine, here. I seem to have a theme going.

December Club Wine

We are members of a wine club.  The wine bar we frequent has weekly wine tastings that cost $5/person for 4 tastes and a bite of cheese. Club members (and their significant other) don't pay for the tastings. And the tasting the first week of the month is "club wines;"  you choose 2 bottles to…

This month’s red

This isn't a label I expect to see on a Spanish blend.  And it doesn't indicate that this lovely wine was aged in bourbon barrels.  But, it was. Southern Belle retails for $20 and is a smooth, velvety combination of mostly Syrah.

Wine and cheese

This post is for the amusement of avincie and annmeeker. My loving husband got me a wine club membership. It is at the Cork And Cow Wine Bar at the mall near my job. We found the place by accident when we had time to kill before a movie and went in for a wine…

Indiana Roadtrip

I spent the end of last week driving to Nashville, Indiana to visit friends.  I met Patti at her sister's house in Forest, Virginia and left my car there. We took Patti's car through the coal fields of southern Virginia and Kentucky, finally getting a hotel room in Campton, KY when the snow got so…