Distilleries I have visited in 2017:

Fainting Goat Spirits in Greensboro, North Carolina (Lovely herbal gin and very smooth vodka)

Broad Branch Distillery in Winston Salem, North Carolina (The blueberry flavor of the Smashing Violet whiskey isn’t nearly as strong at the color suggests)

10th Ward Distilling Company in Frederick, Maryland (We brought home lovely applejack)

McClintock Distilling in Frederick , Maryland (We went to a party they hosted. The cocktails were lovely. We didn’t, however, bring any home.)

Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville, South Carolina (Tasting room, not the actual distillery. We brought home Mountain Peak Espresso flavored rum.)

Copperhead Mountain Distillery in Traveler’s Rest, South Carolina (Brought home their “Scotch” which tastes more like Irish because there is no peat.)

Dragon Moonshine in Charlotte, North Carolina (I brought Apple Pie and Amaretto rums home.)

My liver may be in danger.


Irish whiskey

When we were in NYC 3 years ago, we spent some time taking advantage of the flights available at the Whiskey Ward in the Lower East Side.  We knew that I prefer bourbon and that Chuck prefers Scotch; we learned that we both like Irish.

This weekend, we were in Atlanta to see Rodriquez and stayed a couple of block from Limerick Junction in the Highlands area.

I have learned that Jameson 12 year old is dangerously light in flavor.  If I want a summer whiskey, this is a good choice.  Jameson Gold Reserve has a little more complexity and may be my favorite Irish.  Black Bushmills was, also, very nice and I will not turn my nose up when it is offered.

We have developed the habit of going to a liquor store whenever we are in a different state, because NC is ridiculously limited.  All liquor stores are state owned and there is a list of what may be carried.  If something we like isn’t on the list, we can’t have it.

And because of that habit, we brought home a bottle of Bushmills 10 year old for me and Takesuru 12 year old for Chuck.