I blame Trey for my dilemma.

He had (has?) a barrel of dirt that he brought to his yard from his family farm in Virginia.  His family has owned the farm for 5 or 6 generations and it’s good dirt. He was using it to try to make a garden plot in the clay that is Alamance county soil.  This barrel was leftover from the garden creation.  And it got a peach pit stuck in it.  It was a pit from a particularly delicious peach.

Which has grown into a tree.  It has even produced some fruit, but I think the deer keep beating him to it.

He talked about taking the tree out of the barrel and putting it in the ground. But, he waited too long and the tree has grown through the bottom of the barrel and he is stuck with it as it is.  (Let this be a lesson to all gardeners.  Do NOT leave plants in pots on top of dirt too long.  You will eliminate your choices.)

I am so envious of a peach tree grown from a planted pit that I can’t stand it.  And I happened to have 2 big bags of dirt that were doing nothing on my deck.  They were supposed to be bags to grow potatoes, but I have been underwhelmed by the outcome.

So, last summer, when we had some excellent peaches, I stuck several pits in one of the bags.  So, far nothing has shown up. But, I live in hope.

In the mean time, we have used dirt from the other bag for potting plants for various projects.  Herbs for friends, filling in around other plants, whatever.  And my cat has discovered the joys of sleeping in a bag of dirt.  It’s pretty funny to see him curled up in there, snoozing.

Here’s the dilemma.   If I use up the dirt in the pit-less bag, he will, in all likelihood, sleep on any little trees that try to come up.  But, I’m a little nervous about trying to move the pits.  My husband says he’s already taking turns sleeping in both bags, anyway.  So, I probably need to get on with the peach pit rescue.

They’ve had a winter to get a good freeze on.  So, whatever the weather was going to do to help their germination along has happened.  Maybe I’ll try fishing them out of the bag and into actual flower pots.  Then, the ones that do sprout will be easier to transplant into the yard, later.

You do realize that gardening is an addiction and it makes you crazy.  Right?Vash in a bag(My son took the picture and I stole it from his Instagram.)


In my yard

I need to mulch the flower beds.

I need to pull grass out from between the plants I have put there on purpose.

I keep thinking that I wish I had tools that would make that easier. But that requires shopping and, when I get to the store, I dither and the weed and grass pulling doesn’t happen.

It’s a perfect day for working outside.

Why am I in here?