Oscar Nominated Short Films – 2016

We saw 2 collections of Oscar nominated short films today.  My husband will go see the documentaries when I’m at work this weekend.  I don’t object to the documentaries.  These were just easier for me to get to and when I had to choose between 2, these were my preference.

The link in each title is to the Oscar page.  I don’t know if it will last for more than a month.  The link in the country of origin is the best I could do to show you about the film away from the Oscar website.  Or, at least, is a decent starting place for you to try to find out about it for yourself.

Animated: I have put them in the order they appeared in the collection

Sanjay’s Super Team  (USA) This is the Pixar offering.   And it is very cute and very sweet.

World of Tomorrow  (USA) The animation is fairly simplistic.  The story is existential and interesting.  I won’t hate it if this one gets the award.

Bear Story  (Chile) This has a very touching story and clever stop motion animation.  I like it very much and would be happy to see it take the award, too.

We Can’t Live without Cosmos  (Russia)This has pretty straightforward animation and a nice story.  I didn’t find it as interesting as World of Tomorrow or Bear Story.  But, I’m glad I saw it.

There were some fun films that got Mentioned, but aren’t actually up for the award.  They were inserted between the first 4 that ARE nominated and the last one.  They are

If I was God (Canada)  Claymation, cute.

The Short Story of a Fox and a Mouse (France) Good animation.  Sweet story.  Nice.  Sadly, absolutely nothing for me to link to to show it to you.

The Loneliest Stoplight (USA) Voiced by Patton Oswalt. It was good but not amazing.

Catch It (France) This is a throwback to Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.  But with a Vulture and Meerkats.  I wish I could show it to you because you would laugh.  I will look for it later to see if I can find a useful link.

Then, the final nominee was Prologue (UK) This is the one that you get a warning about so you can remove your children from the theater.  There  is nudity (free willies) and violence (with spurting blood).  Sadly, there is skill in the animation but no real story.  Men kill each other and little girl is sad.  The end.  If it wins I will be pissed.

Live Action:

Ave Maria   (Israel)  This one as funny.  And a little sweet.  I don’t expect it to win but I was glad I saw it.

Shok   (Kosovo) This one made me cry. I don’t understand how people can be evil to each other and this is about that.  It’s also about what it is to be friends when you’re 12.

Stutterer   (USA)  This is uncomfortable.  And sweet.  I’m glad I saw it.  I don’t expect it to win simply because of what it’s up against.

Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut)  (Germany) This isn’t an entirely surprising story.  But the little girl is excellent.  Keep an eye out for Julia Pointner.

Day One   (USA) This one should win.  It is hard to watch.  One couple left the theater because it was going to be so very hard.  But, it got less hard.  And, then, different hard.  It is sad.  It is War.  It is life and death.  This was perfectly made.


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