Back in the saddle, again.

I have joined a gym.  Again.

After a lifetime of thinking of myself as anti-exercise, I have come to the conclusion that is really unproductive and I am changing my mind.  I will be 55 next week and if I don’t want to be seriously decrepit in 20 years, I better get on with doing something to avoid it.

I know the joys of endorphins from training for a half marathon and walking enough to do a couple of 5Ks.  So, that hasn’t been the issue.

I just hate trying to do anything when the weather is nasty.  Over 80ºF or under 35ºF and I would stay inside thankyouverymuch.  And the weather hasn’t been particularly conducive.  There has also been the lure of yard work.  On the few days that have been nice enough to be outside, there has been weeding needed.  And that has been all the excuse I required to avoid committing exercise.

But, I am technically obese and unquestionably overweight.  And with a family history of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, that’s just stupid.

A friend told me she was planning to join Planet Fitness when she got back from her vacation.  (I learned later that she had been a member in another town for a decade, but life had happened, including a marriage and a move, and she had lost the habit of going.)  I had the need for something in the back of my head and that lit the fuse.  There is a PF gym between my house and my work; the detour is less than a mile.

I joined last week. I am doing everything on the lowest weight so that I don’t hurt myself and punk out (again). I will increase gradually.

I have had training on the 30 minute workout room and the 12 minute abs room. I have done both unsupervised. I have used the treadmill, and the elliptical and cross country ski machines.

I feel the new muscle use in all my parts. The only place that is sore is stomach and ribs where I did more than was wise when I was learning those machines.

I like that they have a system that works all my major muscle groups and I don’t have to remember what to do. I don’t intend to do everything every day.

I warm up with one of the cardio gadgets then do one or both of those rooms, depending on the day of the week. I work 12 hours shifts on Saturday and Sunday, so I intend to do the Abs room and ski on Monday since that is the lightest day. On Wednesday, I will do both rooms after a cardio warmup. Probably, the same on Friday. I don’t have a favorite cardio gadget and that’s a good thing. I expect it’s to my benefit to use all of them so that my legs and arms get different uses.

The hydromassage bed is a blessing to my lower back and shoulders after a weekend toiling over a hot pipette, so that is getting use, too.


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