Not a lark.  Not an owl.

What is a bird for the evening?

Three decades ago, I learned that I really am most alert in the latter part of the day.  I drove my mother crazy, reading by the hall light until midnight.  And when I went to college, I arranged all my classes to be after 10 AM.

I can do third shift when I must.  But, that isn’t the best time for me  for an extended time.  I don’t sleep well in the daylight. Not for long periods any way.  Even if I’ve been up all night, I start waking up around ps noon and have to fight my psyche to stay asleep.

Unfortunately, Spring is happening and I need to get out of my bed to get things done in my yard while it is cool.  So, I need to rearrange my habits.  Lingering over coffee for 2 or 3 hours while I read the internet isn’t going to work anymore.  That needs to wait for 80F.  Or when I’m too tired to drag brush back to the woods.

(The amount of money we spend on mulch is ridiculous,)

Time is a construct created by Man to order his life.  But, temperature is a brute that is unaffected by our needs, wants or opinions.


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