Kitty has a potty mouth

I recently learned the word “lalochezia.”  It is “Emotional relief gained by using indecent or vulgar language.”  That word was invented for me.  I swear when I talk like some people put salt on their food. It is automatic, without thought or malice.  I don’t type that way, much.

One day, I was at my parents house, in the kitchen, looking for the lid to a storage container.  I was sitting on the floor, going through the huge pile of them, trying to find the one that fit and had a little litany of “shit, damn, hell, shit, shit damn, damn, damn, shit, hell, damn” going.   Mostly under my breath.   My dad walked in, heard me and started laughing.

I said, “What?  You’re laughing because I can’t find a lid to the damn bowl?”

He said, “No, some things just don’t change.  One day when you 3 or 4, I came in your room and you were looking for something in your toy box going ‘shoot, durn, shoot, durn, shoot, shoot, shoot, heck.’  You’re doing the same thing, now, in the grown up version.”

I had a co-worker complain to our manager about my language, one time.  I explained that it wasn’t likely to change.  I said “I don’t swear AT her.  And if she hadn’t heard those words before now, she wouldn’t know what they meant to be offended by them.  It’s just words.”

I have always agreed with George Carlin that “‘shoot’ is ‘shit’ with two Os” and I believe you may as well say what you mean instead of being coy.


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