A guy goes into a bar

An old fellow is sitting in the pub with his dog beside him. There's
a television over the bar and the dog is looking at it.

Another man watches for a long time, and then finally goes over and
says, "I notice your dog has been watching the movie on TV. It's
really weird. It's like he's following it. He looked sad at the sad
parts, and it almost looked like he laughed at the funny parts, and
then I'd swear he wanted to applaud at the end like he really loved
the movie. I'm surprised!"

"Aye, I'm surprised too," the dog's owner says. "He hated the book."

2 thoughts on “A guy goes into a bar

  1. annmeeker says:

    Cute! We listened to Wuthering Heights all the way to NYC…movie HAS to be better than the book.

  2. I think that story is dreadful, no matter what media you use.

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