Indiana Roadtrip

I spent the end of last week driving to Nashville, Indiana to visit friends.  I met Patti at her sister’s house in Forest, Virginia and left my car there.

We took Patti’s car through the coal fields of southern Virginia and Kentucky, finally getting a hotel room in Campton, KY when the snow got so bad we gave up on making it to Lexington that night. The only place to get dinner was a Mexican joint that had a Mexican man cooking and an Anglo girl waiting tables and no other customers.  The waitress all but begged us to come back the next day.  She had come to Campton to be near her mother, she didn’t say why, and, in her words, no one does anything there except drugs.

We got coffee breakfast at the Kentucky Coffeetree Cafe in Frankfort.  It is in the funky part of the city with lots of interesting shops nearby.

Dinner Thursday night was at Jan’s house.  She made a lovely marinara spaghetti with meatballs on the side.  Ken chose a very nice Italian wine to go with it.DSC01534 DSC01543

Friday night, I made Crab bisque for dinner and Ken chose a Washington state chardonnay as accompaniment.  It was only mildly oaked so it worked well.

DSC01544 DSC01545

On Saturday, we went out for dinner in a bar that is trying to become a restaurant.  The choices around the table were varied and Ken chose a very smooth Malbec.  Trying to be quick, my photo is a little blurred.


I would have any of these again.

We took a northern route home on Sunday, stopping at Jungle Jim’s International Market to pick up snacks for supper in our hotel and generally entertain ourselves wandering around the Ikea of food stores.  I got my son a bottle of Scotch bonnet hot sauce, picked up a Star Trek: The Next Generation Pez dispensers for a coworker and got a bottle of Plungerhead old vine Zinfandel from Lodi, California for myself.  Happily for me, they have it at Total Wine.

It was a fun trip.  I loved seeing unfamiliar landscape, prowling around Nashville, walking in Jan’s woods and visiting with my friends face to face rather than via the internet.  Traveling with Patti was delightful.  We looked for peculiar church names and looked up places worth noticing on my Roadside America app.  But, I am very glad to be home, out of the car and sleeping in my own bed next to my sweetie.


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