Tempranillo blanco (etc.)

Last night was date night and we went to the movies.  The Carolina Theater in Durham is showing collections of the shorts that have been nominated for Oscars and we saw the nominees for Best Animated and Best Live Action Shorts.  We would like to see the nominees for Documentary but they are so long that they are in 2 segments on separate days and we don’t care see them that badly.

However, we did enjoy dinner at Taberna Tapas for dinner, The Parlour for dessert and Beyù Caffè for coffee before we settled into our seats.

Because it was Wednesday, bottles of wine were half price at Taberna.  How can you say “no” to that?  So we got a bottle of Vivanco Rioja White Blend.

We have had tempranillo blends and we have had 100% tempranillo so that we know what it contributes to a blend. This was the first time we had ever seen tempranillo blanco and we were intrigued.

DSC01307 DSC01308

We have had Malvasia in blends, too, but Viura was an unfamiliar name and we find that we like it.  This is a good medium bodied white.  It has more substance than the Pinots but isn’t as heavy a Chardonnay.  Similar to a Sauvignon blanc.  Nice with seafood and the less heavy things we tend to eat.


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