Talbott 2012 Kali Hart Chardonnay

On Friday, December 6, we took Carolyn to Oakleaf in Pittsboro to celebrate her birthday, which was actually Wednesday, December 11, but Friday was when we could conveniently go out for the evening.  Oakleaf is wonderful.  The food is always excellent, portion sizes are rational and the service is perfect.  It is a local-in-season place that makes food art and delight.

Carolyn and I both like the oakey Chardonnays.  We think that if you are going to use stainless steel you should just go for another grape.

One of the nice things aboujt Oakleaf is that no matter what wine you are considering, they will let you taste it if you are unsure about a choice.  Because is was a celebration, we expected to have more than a glass of wine each so we just went for a bottle.   And, oh my god, it was lovely.  Enough oak to give a nice flavor, but not so much that it interfered with the flavors of the food.

I looked it up when I got home and found that the particular wine is available from the vineyard, but not from any local stores.  There is a variation at Total Wine that I may give a try, though.





2 thoughts on “Talbott 2012 Kali Hart Chardonnay

  1. pobept says:

    Thanks for the idea to cook ham in apple juice/cider juice. I will pass this along to my cook 🙂 (My daughter)
    Merry Christmas

    • I have had country ham cooked that way twice. Once, friends had a WHOLE ham and I came to visit at a propitious time. A couple of years later, I won one in a raffle and did it myself.

      Both times, it blew me away.

      My holidays are shaping up to stress free fun. I hope yours do the same.

      Merry Christmas.

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