Wilmington, NC for Halloween, All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days

Our vacation plans this year were inconvenienced by my surgery in early August.  And we had discussed taking a weekend to go to the beach before I went back to work, but, instead, went to see my parents.  I don’t remember why.

My darling husband hadn’t forgotten the plan to head east, though, and a couple of weeks ago suggested going to Wilmington during the first weekend in November.  I had thought of having a Day of the Dead party for All Souls’ Day, but never really worked up any enthusiasm for putting it together.  But, I had reserved the time off from work. So, the time was available.

Did you know Venus Flyrap is native to North Carolina?  And only  grows wild on our coast?

Metal and glass Venus Flytrap sculpture on the Riverfront

We stayed at an AirBnB apartment in in the middle of downtown. This meant we could park our car when we got there and not drive again until time to leave.  We wandered into shops all over the area and had some truly excellent food.  Unfortunately, we learned that there is no off-season for the bar under the apartment.  It vibrated the floors until closing time.

Dinner on Halloween was at the Tidal Creek Co-op, where we picked up snacks and breakfast supplies.  Friday, I had breakfast at Port City Java before we hit the streets.  Lunch was at the Dock Street Oyster Bar and dinner was at The George with dessert at Perkeo Wine Bistro.  Saturday we had brunch at the Cobblestone Cafe and dinner at 9 Bakery and Lounge.

We had some truly excellent wines at both dinner restaurants and at Perkeo and, yes, I took notes.

Promis Qous White (at The George)

Butternut Chardonnay at Perkeo

Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris at Perkeo

Protea red blend from South Africa at Perkeo  (I can’t find a decent link for that)

Simple Life Chardonnay/Viogner Blend at Perkeo and Pinot Noir at 9

The Ned Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at 9 (which we had tasted at the Weaver Street Wine Show)

d’Aurenberg Hermit Crab (Aus.) 74% Marsanne, 26% Roussane  at 9

Peirano “The Other” red blend at 9.


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