Red, white and pink

Chuck and I went to one of the Friday night wine tastings at Weaver Street Market recently and found a couple of wines that we liked.

One was a 2012 Cococciola.  “terre di cheiti” is on the label and I think that’s the region.  I could be wrong.  There isn’t much more information on the bottle.  Here’s a picture of the label.


The pink was Leverano Rosato from Vecchia Torre, also 2012.  80% Negroamaro 20% Malvasia Nera it is darker than most pinks, but still pink, not red.

Both were around $10 an dangerously drinkable.  You know.  All of a sudden there’s an empty bottle and you don’t know where it went.

And last week I was visiting my parents in Asheville.  My father, sister, nephews and I met for supper downtown and walked around the block to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for dessert.  It was Wednesday and that means half price on bottles of wine.  So, my dad got a bottle and we got 3 glasses while the boys had truffles and mousse.

Cabernet sauvignon

This was $12 at half price and lighter than we expected.  It was berry fruity but still too heavy to drink quickly.  If I can find it around here, I will get it again.


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