Irish whiskey

When we were in NYC 3 years ago, we spent some time taking advantage of the flights available at the Whiskey Ward in the Lower East Side.  We knew that I prefer bourbon and that Chuck prefers Scotch; we learned that we both like Irish.

This weekend, we were in Atlanta to see Rodriquez and stayed a couple of block from Limerick Junction in the Highlands area.

I have learned that Jameson 12 year old is dangerously light in flavor.  If I want a summer whiskey, this is a good choice.  Jameson Gold Reserve has a little more complexity and may be my favorite Irish.  Black Bushmills was, also, very nice and I will not turn my nose up when it is offered.

We have developed the habit of going to a liquor store whenever we are in a different state, because NC is ridiculously limited.  All liquor stores are state owned and there is a list of what may be carried.  If something we like isn’t on the list, we can’t have it.

And because of that habit, we brought home a bottle of Bushmills 10 year old for me and Takesuru 12 year old for Chuck.


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