Weaver Street Market Wine Show, April 20, 2013

We bought 3 of:
Overstone Sauvgnon Blanc, 2012, $10/$14, It’s a Marlborough SB with more grapefruit than grass to my ‘buds.
Vinhas Altas Vinho Verde, 2011, $6.50/$11.
Moillard “Les Violettes” Côtes-du-Rhône, 2011, $9/$18, very berry, very faintly floral. I’m loving it.

We bought 2 of Traida Malbec, 2012, $5/$8. It is a nice “daily red.”

And we bought 1 Matteo Correggia “La Val del Preti” Nebbiolo d’Alba, 2009, $24/$36.

Others I liked but didn’t purchase were:
Los Dos Grenache-Syrah, 2011, $7/$11, cherry note.
Les Parchelles de Stéphane Bordeaux Rouge, 2010, $11/$16
Domaine “La Garrigue” “Cuveé Romaine” Côtes-du-Rhône, 2011, $14/$20

Chuck would have bought those, too, but the Violettes and Malbec were just for me and, the others, we’ll share. I make the order and he pays. We both get what we want. I noted the unpurchased 3 to remember that I do like them if I come across them in the future.

We had tasted and bought Hayes Ranch Chardonnay, 2010, $8/$12, and Rio Madre Rioja, 2011, $9/$13, at a preview a couple of weeks ago.


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