Gardening ADD

I swear I never feel as ADD as when I do yard work.

I went out to finish getting that last piece of grass dug to straighten out that flowerbed.  Dumped one cart of grass chunks in the back and, before I got started on the last section, I spotted a blossom on the wild geranium that was about to be swallowed by the spearmint.

So, I freed the geranium first.  And in the process I pulled up a piece of the the canna lily that is in that area.

There’s an empty place in front of the shed that needed something colorful and it occurred to me that the canna would be lovely there.  But, there were wild plantains overgrowing that bare spot, so I had to dig them out before I could plant the canna.  And cannas tend to like richer soil than our clay, so I needed to put some compost down there, too.  Which I did.

So, the last 30 minutes of labor that has me winded and catching my breath has made an improvement, but I still have that chunk of gravelly grass laughing at me.


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