Gravel diggin’ blues

I have been expanding the flower beds ever since I moved in here.

Last year, I extended the beds along the fence on the driveway side of the house some.  On the front yard side of the fence, I hit a buried patch of gravel. I have a gravel driveway; that isn’t totally out of the realm of reasonablity. Because I ran out of time and steam, that bed has been curved.

This year, when I created the beds on the far side of the house, I stole the edgers from the driveway side to delineate and hold back the mulch. I figured that would also make it easy to know how many new edgers I need; I could just count how many I moved.

THEN, looking at where they need to be returned, I was inspired to straighten out the line of the bed. That is easier this time around since I figured out a method of grass digging that worked for me last year. And since I have gone to the Baylor shift, I have more yard work time. (That having been a large part of why I wanted to work weekends.)

I have hit the gravel, again.  MUCH further out than I expected.

I think that grass has overgrown the “parking pad” at the end of the driveway.

It’s bad enough pulling out the quartz that grows here, but this feels like I’ve sabotaged myself. I can’t decide if I’d rather kick my feet and scream or burst into tears. So, instead of doing either, I’ll just write a long ranty post and hit “publish.”


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