Local wine

I am not a fan of NC wines.  They tend to run sweeter than I care for.  But I do keep trying because some have been pleasant surprises.

Chuck and I went to a North  Carolina Wine Tasting in Winston-Salem in the first year we were dating.  Probably 2008?  They blocked the streets for a couple of blocks. Somebody gave us a couple of tickets as we walked up, which was  very good thing because we wouldn’t have paid $25 a piece to go.  Since then, the festival has moved out to Tanglewood. It was fun to do and we found a few wineries that do have wines we like.  But we found that they are no less expensive, and are sometimes more so, than wines that have been shipped from the other side of the planet.

We don’t tend to spend more than $12/bottle unless it is for a really special occasion. So, $17 for a bottle of wine grown in-state that is good, but not amazing isn’t going to happen.  And NC can grow good, but we haven’t found amazing here, yet.

Perhaps the vines aren’t old enough.  Perhaps we just don’t love the flavors that happen in NC.  We would love to support former tobacco farmers finding a different crop.  So, we keep tasting, but don’t buy much.


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