Care and feeding of me

I don’t eat mammals or fowl.  I do eat seafood.

I don’t like Chinese food.  I do like most other ethnic food.

I like to taste beer but I don’t drink it.

I drink bourbon, not Scotch.

I drink gin with tonic, not vodka.

I am willing to put on my sneakers and walk anywhere.

I like monster movies, but don’t usually care for slashers like Michael Myers and Jason.  Freddie has been an exception.

I see a difference in disliking cucumbers and not liking cucumbers.  I will eat them if they are intrinsic to a dish, but tend to eat around large pieces.

I am pre-diabetic so I try to limit eating white stuff.  When I eat too much white, I get headaches.  Corn is the worst offender to date.

Goat cheese tastes nasty to me and you cannot hide it from  my taste buds.  Don’t try.  It is a waste of your time.

I dislike beets and canned asparagus.


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