WSM Wine Show and Sale, Oct 20, 2012


Villa Pozzi Nero d’Avola 201  $7/$12

Line 39 Petite Syrah 2011 $8/$$12

Badia Corti Orvieto 2011, $7/$10

Castaggio Barbera 2010 $9/$14

Capoutier La Croix Bila-Haut Côte-Catalanes 2010 $6/$14

Tilia Malbec Syrah 2011 $8/$12  (2 of this). Cherry on the front

The Loop Sauvignon Blanc 2011 $11/$18

Foris Dry Gewürztaminer 2010 $11/$19

Argyle Pinot Noir 2010 $20/$36 (3 of this)


99 Vines Pinot Noir NV $8/$11  Chuck and I thought it smelled and tasted like asparagus, Joe thought it tasted like rotten cherries.  Either way, it was gross


I’m going back before the sale is over for a case of the Nero and Double Decker Red Zinfandel 2010 ($7/$12) for my daily sip.

They had a Arcano Moscato 2011 ($11/$17) that I thought was very impressive.  There was a nice complexity of flavor. But I don’t want dessert wine often enough to justify getting it.


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