Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, NC

Crystal Creek – white, off-dry (Magnolia). Smell the muscadine

Windy Hill -white, off-dry (Doreen). Smells like candy

Sweet Union – white, sweet (Carlos). Smell the seeds, hint of floral after taste. My favorite

Date Night – white , sweet (Doreen). Not as sweet as Sweet Union

Tack Shack Red – red, off-dry (Noble). Has a sweet nose but an aftertaste I didn’t care for

Bailey’s Blend – blush, semi-sweet (blend). Not my thing

Sunset Hills – red, sweet (blend). I like it best with cider

Wine-a-Rita – slushy made with Sunset Hills and muscadine cider

All the wines are $12/bottle, except Bailey’s Blend which is $10. Wine-a-Rita kit is $26 and worth every penny. I got one to take to the beach with my family this summer.

This is a family operated vineyard and winery on land that has been in the family for 200 years. It is in a neighborhood with rolling hills and a great view of the vines. There is a story to go with every wine. The vineyard is only 7 years old, however. They are completely organic and grow only muscadine grapes. This means that they are all sweeter than my usual taste. That said, I have given them info to connect with Weaver Street Market and the Company Shops coops. I would like for the Sweet Union to be more readily available than 3 hours away from me. They are doing better than they’d hoped and it is entirely justified.


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