Nevermore 2012

This year, Nevermore did 3 shorts collections.  They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara was all shorts forms (less than 15 minutes).  Pandora and That Damned Box  was 4 long forms shorts (>20 minutes).  And Wrath of the Foreign Invaders was a collection of foreign shorts of all lengths.

 won the Shorts long form Audience Favorite award.

 The House of the Yaga won the short form award.  This is the same group that did  Cornerboys last year.

We saw Ashes, which annoyed me.  If you are going to make a movie in a hospital, check with someone who works there to be sure you aren’t making gaffes that will tweak the sensibilities of  medical people who come to see it.  Except for that, it was a good Ground Zero zombipocalypse movie.

The Innkeepers is a great ghost story.

Some Guy Who Kills People wasn’t really full of surprises, but the dialogue was good and Barry Bostwick was particularly funny.  Christopher thinks we need to buy it when it’s available.  And it won the Audience Award for a full length film.

The Whisperer in Darkness is a Lovecraft story in black and white.  I liked it.  I haven’t read the story it was based on so I didn’t know every where it would go.  The ending wasn’t a shock, though, since I have read some Lovecraft.

And, after the mildest winter since I’ve been in NC, it snowed on us coming home tonight.


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