NC Museum of Art

I renewed our membership last night. I bumped it up from dual to Patron. The difference is $60. This gives me 2 additional tickets to all the special events and we get to go to a holiday party at the museum.

My parents like to come visit us to see the extras, so the additional tickets are easily used.

We haven’t ever gone to any of the films they show because it’s always stuff we could get from Netflix if we really want to see it. And it is a bit of a drive to see a rerun.

I like supporting the museum. As a taxpayer in the state, I feel that I own a piece of everything there. So, I have some pretty great stuff in my collection, including a couple of excellent Rodins, some Wyeths and Monets and an O’Keefe. We have one of Audubon’s books, too.

I realized yesterday that my parents will be visiting on the last weekend of the Rembrandt exhibit, and I got a reminder in the mail that my membership had lapsed. And it was payday so I was flush. 🙂 Synchronicity rocks.

I have known people who have said, “I just don’t think I would go often enough to be worth spending that much money.” I feel like I have spent the money to support the museum and the other stuff is bonus to use if I want to.


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