In the wine rack

We have been keeping a box of Black Box chardonnay in the fridge.  We like the oakey chards and this one is good.  We keep a box of Sant’ Evasio barbera on top of the fridge.

We tried the Sant’ Evasio pinot grigio, but found it to be a little thin and kinda flavorless.

Both boxes are nice fallbacks for days when we can’t make a decision about what bottle to open.

We have enjoyed Bota Box pinot grigio and used to keep Target’s Wine Cube shiraz/cab blend around until they ran out of the 2007.  The 2008 just wasn’t as tasty.

And we like the 2008 chardonnays, but they seem to have all been consumed or stored. That year isn’t on shelves, much.  2009 chards all seem to be thin.  2010 appears to be a good year.  I’ve taken to asking the year before I choose a chardonnay when I’m out.  I know my waiters think I’m a total snob, but the price of a glass of wine is high enough that I really hate to be disappointed.


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