Labyrinths I have walked

The first labyrinth I ever walked was a 3/4 size Chartres replica on canvas.


It has eleven circuits.


The second was a Cretan labyrinth at a women’s retreat center outside of Asheville, NC


It has seven circuits.


I walked a Santa Rosa labyrinth at a nursery in Michigan after I had nearly decided that was the design I wanted to use for the labyrinth I wanted to put in my yard. It was made of 586 lavender plants and cinched the deal. I bought a gazing ball from them to put in the heart space of labyrinth that I was planning.

I like the heart space and that you approach it twice when you go in and twice when you go out. I like the number 7 because it is 4 plus 3 and those are significant numbers in different mythologies. I like that it is symmetrical.


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