Nevermore 2010

I got the 10-pack of tickets for $60. I used 5; I have given 5 to Christopher. Chuck is totally not into critter movies, but my friend, Trey, thinks this festival is GREAT and he went with me.  We liked all 3 of the feature length films we saw.  Some of the shorts were less impressive, but, as Trey said, they were short, so, over soon and on to the next thing without taking up too much our time.

Friday night, we saw Strigoi and Four Minutes Until Sunrise, a collection of 4 shorts.

Strigoi is Romanian for “vampire” and the film is in moderately accented English.  This thing is funny.  Our hero went to medical school but never passed his boards to actually become a doctor. EVERYONE calls him a pussy.  It becomes a running gag.  He is, however, the only one who persists in trying to understand what is happening in the town where an old man is mysteriously murdered and no one seems to be interested in who did it.  His friend, the cop, looks disconcertingly like Paul Rubens’ character in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Four Minutes Until Sunrise was:

  • Dead Bones bad Western zombies, which may be redundant,
  • Road to Moloch, a demon encounter in Iraq, not bad, good SFX, obvious story,
  • The Familiar, about a modern vampire’s human assistant. Very funny, no real surprises.
  • Crooked Lane, a ghost story, with an unsatisfactory ending (we never understoond WHY the ghosts were doing what they were doing).

    Saturday, we saw They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara(another collection of shorts), Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula, and Evil Angel.

    They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara was:

  • Dead Walkers, more old West zombies.
  • Shapes, well done monster-in-the-closet. No surprises, but good critter.
  • Pigeon: Impossible, hilarious animation about a pigeon, a bagel and a spy.  I had seen it in the theater beforeUp! and it’s still funny.
  • The Ugly File was well made but the story was very obvious.
  • Hector Corp. was excellent.  Animation about corporate cut backs a la Office Space.
  • Monstrous Nature was OK.  Actors were stiff, but the ending wasn’t telegraphed.  I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of monster he was or who would survive until it happened.
  • Snuggle Time doesn’t have any web presence except listings at film festivals all over the country, which is a shame because it is cute.  The animation is good and the story has a nice twist.
  • Dead Creek was well made, but obvious.

    Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula was hilarious.  Lots of splatter, interesting characters, vintage cars, a one legged whore and Annabelle.

    Evil Angel, written, directed and produced by Richard Dutcher is about Lilith, body hopping to commit murder and mayhem because of her longstanding hatred of mankind.  Ving Rhames is excellent as the private investigator who is trying to figure out what’s going on.  This one had the most money spent and it shows.  The story and performances are excellent.

    I love this festival.


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