Valentine’s Day, in spite of our intentions

Usually, we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We both enjoy doing “romantic” stuff to and for each other, but haven’t been inclined to get into the hurly burly of the holiday.  Flowers that cost 3X the normal rate is just wasteful and crowded restaurants aren’t really fun either.

But this year, Valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday, which meant the celebrants would most likely be spreading out their festivities.  And a restaurant that we particularly like is open on Sunday  and it hadn’t gotten a visit for a while.  So, we made a reservation, kind of in spite of the fact it was V Day.

And when I sent an email that said “Buy me this” I was told “I already have your Valentine’s present.” That put my in a little bit of a panic because I hadn’t had any inspirations of concrete things that would tickle my honey, lately. Chitra suggested an IOU for  a massage or some other activity he particularly likes.  Which wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Then, Friday, a conversation at work reminded me that he likes Scotch.  And I had just gotten my tax refund so my bank account was particularly set for extravagance.

I got him a bottle of Laphroaig and another of Glenfiddich.  I smuggled them into the house and set them on the chest of drawers in our bedroom.  He saw me being stealthy in the bedroom and accused me of trying to hide his present.  I declared that nothing was hidden.  So, he came in to see.  And was tickled to pieces.

He pulled out 2 little jewelry sized boxes.  One held earrings and the other held a bracelet that matched.

We went to Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough for supper, tasted the wines they were showing but didn’t buy any of them.  (They have a little wine tasting there every Friday from 5-7 so, we frequently go there for supper because that’s fun and we’re not in the mood to cook on Friday night.)  We came home and watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and Chuck sampled his presents.

Saturday, I went to yoga with Amy and then went by Whole Foods.  I have already posted about how self-indulgent that shopping trip was.

I painted my nails red while we watched the Olympics.  (Painted fingernails is a festive thing for me.)

Yesterday, we decided that we hadn’t been to WSM for brunch in a while and I was in the mood for eggs so, we got dressed for the day and headed to Carrboro.  I wore a new dress and my new jewelry.  After having breakfast, we picked up a pecan bar from WSM and went to Open Eye for coffee, where bumper into a very tired Chrissie and Jeff.  They had just gotten back from Ymir and were happy-tired.

We killed some time at Nice Price books, where Chuck found 2 movies and a book, and then moved on to the Chelsea Theater for a double feature of Crazy Heart and The Last Station.  Both were very good and we had nearly 30 minutes to get to Vespa to make our 6:30 reservation.

At Vespa, we each had a glass of the Pinot Noir.  I had the Vespa salad, which has roasted red peppers and mushrooms, shaved Parmesan and a balsamic vinaigrette, and the special tilapia on black fettuccine with a cilantro/ginger cream sauce.  Chuck had the roasted asparagus and the Risotto de mare.  We shared the chocolate mousse with figs and port.  Couldn’t taste the port but the figs added a nice texture to the mousse.  The hostess gave me a pink rose on the way out the door, which is now adorning the kitchen table.

I picked up an Andy’s cheeseburger for Wild Child/Christopher/Loki on the way home and he was delighted.

We watched more Olympics and went to bed feeling like it had been a weekend well played.  🙂


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