I got lured

I went to Whole Foods in Chapel Hill to see if they have gotten Arboleda Chardonnay in yet. They carry Arboleda Cabernet Sauvignon and I told the wine buyer that if they’d get the chardonnay, I could guarantee sales. Alternatively, I meant to get a bottle of the red, but it wasn’t Pinot Noir and Chuck hasn’t been into Cab lately, so I skipped it.

BUT, they were having their Saturday wine tasting. I have seen this guy there before and liked what he had then, so I stopped to see what he had. And bought all 3 of them.

The guy said they are too small to carry questionable wines. I believe him. So, Ararat Import Export Co. from Raleigh, NC rocks the tasty wines.

I got:
In Situ, Reserva Carmenere, 2008, Aconagua Vlley, Chile, $11
De Pagos Quintana, tempranillo, 2007, Ribiera del Duero, Spain, $11
Jean Bousquet, Chardonay, 2008, Tupungato Valley, Argentina, $12

I also got a piece of Caciotta al Tartufo cheese, some WF brand truffles, some mozzarella marinated in herbs de Provence and a bunch of olives from their bar.

I started pulling out to show my purchases to Chuck and now I am having a small party with myself this afternoon. He’s watching basketball on the HD TV and delighting in the clarity of the picture. I”m wandering in and out of the kitchen have the occasional bite of delightfulness.

And, yes, I have already opened the carmenere. I have a little taste in the bottom of a fat glass that lets my nose have its own festival.

Life is good.


One thought on “I got lured

  1. Singularity says:

    […] Saturday, I went to yoga with Amy and then went by Whole Foods.  I have already posted about how self-indulgent that shopping trip was. […]

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