Lessons from Meeting

During one of my more active Seeking periods, I took an Anthropology of Religion class at the College of Charleston that was taught by a Jamaican Quaker. You can’t participate in that kind of class without exposing your perspective. What I heard from John Rashford about the Religious Society of Friends intrigued me. So, I read about Friends and started going to Meeting.

The Charleston Friends Meeting is very small. 10 in the room was a good Sunday. We’d go for a month or longer with no on moved to speak. But every time I went, IF someone spoke, s/he spoke to what was in my head/heart at that time.

I never worried about it if I missed it when someone was moved to speak. I was in a groove that let me flow with when I should be there and when following a distraction was … OK. I was there when I needed to be. I heard what I needed to hear.

I flip the switch of this blog, and the other one, off and on as I’m moved. Sometimes I feel exposed having it out here. Sometimes I feel like no one will ever find it unless they “need” something from it.

I learned from Meeting that sometimes all that’s needed is a small thing. A piece of a poem. A prayer. A song. An image. An essay may be right. But my little blips may be, too.

Or not.

Addendum: When I was Quaker, I was moved to speak in Meeting 3 times. It was never optional. As much as I tried to sit still, to refuse that it was my turn, the words demanded to be said. The Universe moves us as it will.


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