After Bill and before Chuck, Carolyn and I spent a New Year’s Eve together.  Neither of us really wanted to get out in Drunk Driving Amateur Night but we did want to take the day-off opportunity to be self indulgent. 

We went shopping for treats, on the day, came back to my house and began the year as we hoped it would continue.  We had happy mouths and had enjoyed company we enjoyed thoroughly.  I don’t recall if we bothered to watch the ball drop.

We decided that was a damn fine way to start the year so we declared it our tradition.

When Chuck joined our family, we included him.  (I really am fortunate that those 2 genuinely like each other.)

Tomorrow, I have to work.  They will go shopping without me and I will come home to treats.

We are planning to watch Big Night, I will make pasta with tomato sauce and we will eat cheese, chocolate, scallops, red grapes and I have no clue what else.  There is a bottle of cava in the fridge next to another bottle of chardonnay.  There is red wine in the rack, including a bottle of Lambrusco I’ve been itching to open for months.

I will not be able to get through with work soon enough.