New Years, 2009

Bortolotti Spumanti Valdobbiadene Prosecco Dry V.S.Q.P.R.D. Barely sweet Total Wine $15
Supreme Double Cream cheese (OMFG)
Red and green seedless grapes, “baby” carrots, celery
Jalapeño pepper jelly from Carrboro farmer’s market
Truffled Roasted Walnuts (Whole Foods)
Abbeydale cheese
Seaside cheddar cheese
Triple cream cambozola soft ripened cheese ( (has blue in it)
Mediterranean pitted olive mix, feta stuffed olives, blue cheese stuffed olives, one ridiculously bright green olive from the olive bar at A Southern Season.
Bonne Maman cherry preserves
Trappist damson plum jam
Cilantro/jalapeño hummus (WF)
Black bean hummus (WF)
Sesame rice crackers
Mill something bread (also A Southern Season)
Seura Viudas Brut Reserva Cava (WSM, $10)
No Country for Old Men
Death Race
Carson Daly, Ting Ting (ugh, how awful!), Katy Perry (boring), Ludacris (not about the hip-hop)
Smooch Carolyn, snuggle Chuck.
Happy New Year!


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