Where ya frum?

I hate it when people ask me where I’m from.

I’m from the South. In particular, I’m from NC, TN and SC.

My dad was born in East Tennessee, about an hour from Chattanooga. You’ve heard of Sewannee, THE University of th South? Daddy grew up down the road. And my mother was born in Middle Tennessee, north of Nashville. They met in college and married immediately after my mother graduated. My dad was working his way through and didn’t get through in 3 years.

(There can be some argument about where my lascivious gene comes from. Notice which one was in a hurry.)

I was born in Shelbyville, TN. When I was one, we moved to Durham for my father to go to seminary at Duke, though he chose not to be ordained when he graduated. Instead, he got 2 more Masters and settled on a career in academe. My vacations were always spent with grandparents in TN and I felt like I had dual nationality as a Volunteer and a Tarheel. My father’s search for work that satisfied him had us wandering a bit. We were in Fayetteville for first and second grades (2 different schools for me, though), Southern Pines for 3rd through 5th and then in Cary for 6th while he finished his PhD at State.

When I was about to start junior high school, we moved to Florence, SC. I managed to get back to NC for a year and a half of college in Raleigh, but flunked myself out and was hauled back to the Pee Dee.

I married Jay, telling him I intended to move back to NC. He convinced me to go to Charleston, briefly, while he went to college there and then we’d head north. He didn’t finish the first semester, but it took me 10 years to leave him there and come to NC with his son.

I was in Pinehurst for a year and then moved to Gibsonville when I began working in special Chemistry for LabCorp. It was my third transfer in the company since I had begun working for them in Charleston. Since then I have lived in downtown Burlington, Kimesville and Mebane.

So, I think of myself as a Tarheel with Volunteer roots. And, while Charleston is a beautiful city, I am just not a Palmetto bug.


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