I need dirt. There is more of it here than I really require, but since it IS here, I’m taking advantage of it. My hands get itchy in the spring and it can only be cured by planting things. (I say that like I don’t do any planting in the summer or autumn.)

My house is plenty big for my purposes and I like the way it is arranged. I keep fiddling with stuff but it’s only cosmetic. I’d like to replace the carpet with something wood-like. I expect to paint the inside again when Wild Child has his own place. But, the shape of this is good.

I have had other, bigger, houses and didn’t like them as well. There was unnecessary space. I used the space, but…

It was like stuffing socks in too big shoes. You could make it work, but it didn’t really fit right.

This one is the right size for me.

I really like using the yard as an additional room, too. I’m sure that contributes to the decorating I do with plants.

I need “home” to come home TO, too. I feel better able to deal with the rest of the world because this place is waiting for me. I am ready to go adventuring because my nest is secure. I have done more real traveling since I got this house than I did when I lived other places and I think having my home fit right has some to do with it.


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