Glasshalfull in Carrboro is becoming our favorite “dining all evening” restaurant.

Carolyn treated us to dinner last night to celebrate our birthdays and they have completely changed the menu since the last time we’d been.

Carolyn’s favorite of the wines was Lafond Pinot Noir, 2006, California.  She said it tingled at the beginning.

Chuck’s favorite was Eccheverria carmenere reserva, 2005, Chile.  It was peppery with notable tannins.

I was digging the Atteca garnacha (old vines), 2006, Spain.  It has a light body, but not thin, and a gentle spiciness.

I found the name of the sparkling Italian that knocked my socks off the last time we were there.  Saracco mosato d’asti, 2007.  But I didn’t have a glass.  Instead, I had the lemon pudding cake with blueberry compote for my dessert.  It was lovely.  (Chuck had the peach bread pudding and Carolyn had the chocolate dulche de leche tart with a bitty cinnamon horchata on the side.)

She had the scallops, he had the brodetto (a lovely Italian fish stew) and I had the tuna.  OMG!  I could have traded plates with either of them and been happy, but I was delighted with what I had chosen.

We had started with the cheese plate and a cup of tiny olives that had been soaked in a citrus vinegar, then she had the cold tomato soup, he had the quinoa salad and I had the green salad with culinary flowers and a truffle/sherry dressing.  The flowers weren’t brightly colored but the flavor made their presence evident and the dressing was very light and very tasty.

The only disappointment for the evening (and it wasn’t grave) was the Bouchard “Les Allards” Cote du Rhone, 2004, France, which was pretty ordinary.


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