Glow-in-the-dark cemetery, Laurinburg, NC

We spotted them when I took my son to visit his father.

Jay works in Florence, lives in Charleston. He sometimes meets me at either Dillon, SC (home of South of the Border) or Laurinburg, NC (home of not a whole lot). I travel down Hwy 15/501 to where 501 joins I-95 at Dillon. It is a decent compromise and beats trying to get around Raleigh in the evening when traffic tends to be obnoxious. And I like the country drive.

There is a cemetery on the east side of 501 going through Laurinburg. As we went through to the meeting place with Jay, I saw them, ghostly on the side of the road. On the way back up, I paused and drove through the cemetery. It was on my side of the road and we weren’t trying to keep to any timetable at that point. There were MANY crosses on various graves spotted all over the place.

To my GREAT annoyance, I did not have my camera with me.

When I went back through, I took my camera. And they were MUCH brighter than last time. But I was on a schedule, so I waited to take the picture when I had Christopher with me, so he could enjoy the scenery with me.

BUT when I got there at 4 AM, they had faded.

Apparently, the little black boxes on the back of them are little solar panels.

The first time I had seen them had been a cloudy day and the second time had been sunny. The ones close to the road, with the streetlights, were still glowing, however.

So, when I went back through Laurinburg the next time I took pictures of the glow-in-the-dark crosses.


Some of them have Madonna and Child medallions. Some are plain white crosses. I suspect that you can tell Protestants form Catholics that way.


I stopped to take daylight pictures on my way back. It got a little odder and a little more poignant.




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