Glasshalfull, Carrboro, NC

I had a date last night.  Shaved my legs, put on a dress, even got a kiss in the driveway.

His name is Chuck and I think y’all have heard me mention him before.

We went to Glasshalfull in Carrboro.  He had been there with friends, when I was visiting my parents a couple of weeks ago, and the menu hasn’t changed yet.  It has changed some since the last time we had been together, though.  Since he had already previewed everything, I had him choose all the dinner dishes.

We had roasted brussel sprouts with apples and creme fraiche, potatoes au gratin (with Gruyere), feta with sun dried tomatoes and green olive tapenade on pita points and spicy lentils with a little feta garnish.  (One can never have too much feta.)

We had 3 red wines and I can’t remember the names of any of them, except the last was the Malbec on the bottom of the menu.  I had a Spanish red to start and Chuck had an Australian …pinot noir?

He had me choose the dessert and I went with the chocolate peanut terrine.  It was gorgeous.  My taste buds are still having aftershocks from the multiple orgasms.

I got a  3 oz glass of the white, sparkling Italian on the dessert menu. It was moscato d’Asti.  It was spectacular.  Very sweet, like eiswein, but a little bubbly.  It was fantastic with the velvety chocolate of the terrine.

Afterward, we went to Open Eye for coffee and got to see some tango.

It was altogether a most sense-ational evening.


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