Nevermore 2007

First let me say, Wild Child and I have decided that no matter where he lives when he is grown, no matter what holidays we are celebrating, the last weekend in February is the one that he has to come home for.

He and I saw The Anthology of Errata on Saturday at 2.  This was a collection of shorts.  They were Night of the Hell Hamsters, which was very funny, Zombie Hunter, which I found dull, Facility 4, a zombie movie by Bento Productions (That piece of trivia was the best part of it), The Listening Dead, a fairly clever silent ghost story with a “happy ending”, Itsy Bitsy which was quite funny, and Oculus, which creeped the kid out so badly he had to leave.  It has won a bunch of awards but really didn’t do a lot for me, not awful, not phenomenal.  C says he can’t stand mirrors with critters, so he was waiting in the lobby for me when it was over.

Carolyn, and joined us for The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell.  It is hilarious in a blood-and-guts kind of way.  It’s a post-apocalyptic story with robots, evil overlords, Cannibal Sue and the Anti-Christ.  What’s not to love?  C was a complete fanboy and got his ticket autographed.

Carolyn chose not to stay for DeadAlive.  I had never seen it. It is awful.  I laughed my ass off and Wild Child had a blast.

Sunday, Himself decided to skip the critters because he was not interested in seeing In Memorium, which as nicely paired with the short Of Darkness.  So, I saw those with Marq, who did not ever laugh at me when I jumped.

Apparently, there was a lot of buzz about Of Darkness at the festival.  It was deserved.  They told a chilling story with very little special effects.  They followed the rule that the best monsters are the ones you never see completely.


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