Art and Nature

I love it when people are able to enhance the natural beauty of the world. Chihuly’s Glass in the Garden, Goldsworthy’s ribbons of leaves and flowers meandering along a river or field, Paul Winter’s music interwoven with the voices of whales.

I am reminded of Gimli’s response to Legolas when they came out of the Mines of Moira. Legolas is being snarky about how dwarves would mess up all the lovely rock formations they had seen. Gimli was appalled at the suggestion. He asserted that dwarves would rather take years determining the perfect place to remove a chip than to mar one jot of that beauty. It was where the Elf and the Dwarf became friends, from that shared appreciation of Beauty.

I knew a guy who objected to that gilding of the lily. He thought that Nature didn’t need our assistance.

I don’t agree.

I like the idea of Humanity and Nature working in concert.


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