Damn, I’m tired! Tom walked my feet off!!!

It was GREAT!!!!!

Had FABulous Indian food.

Walked all OVER the Art Institute of Chicago. TWICE. I have seen more of Georgia O’Keefe’s stuff. I am still a fan.
There was a little Dali that really rocked my socks, too.

They had a photo exhibit with 5 different artists entitled “So the Story Goes”. I liked one (Sally Mann). One was disturbing (Nan Goldin). One didn’t touch me at all (Philip-Lorca diCorcia).

The other 2 …. I have mixed feelings about. (Tina Barney and Larry Sultan).

We saw Redmoon Theater’s Twilight Orchard, which looked like a Cirque du Soleil audition. And a damn good one.

I have had a Chicago-style hot dog. Two of them, actually. And Chicago Pizza at Lou Malnati’s.

I’ve forgotten the name of the Greek restaurant. It was delicious, though. We had a choice of calamari and broiled octopus. We went with the octopus.

We spent an afternoon at the Shedd Aquarium, too. (I did like the shrimp with the go-go boots.)

OH. I almost forgot and that would be really silly.

Millenium Park.

I don’t know if I enjoyed Crown Fountain or the Bean the best.

We stayed with Tom’s aunt and uncle, who are delightful. And we took buses and subways all over the place. (Subways are still a novelty to me.)

And that was my weekend.


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