Nevermore 2006

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day was a short that ran before Zombie Honeymoon.  It looked like it was done by a bunch of film students.  And it probably was.  The dialogue was cheesey, the acting was dreadful, the fight choreography was horrible.

It was a hoot.

Zombie Honeymoon is already out on DVD.  They have it at Blockbuster and Netflix.  The acting was betterthan SD,BSD.  The choreography was still bad.  Time had no meaning to the story.  The script was awful.  In short, it was a typical zombie movie.  Without the cleverness of Shaun of the Dead.  BUT, it made us laugh and I don’t think either of us felt like my money was completely wasted.

Christopher is sick and his symptoms were evident on the way home, so he didn’t get to see Death Trance.

Death Trance was very uneven.  Some of the fight choreography was good, some was hideous.  There was one break dancing fighter that really had me tickled.  BUT, the story held me.  I wanted to know what was going to happen with the stolen coffin.  I wanted to know which one of the characters was going to be the hero.  And I wanted to know what was up with that little girl, what her attatchment to the coffin was.

Sadly, it isn’t available to rent yet, so my boy is going to have to wait a while to see it.  And he will like it.


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