Glass at NCMA

I went to the museum by myself today. Last Sunday, I went with a couple of friends to see the Fusion glass exhibit. I needed to see it again before it closed.

I liked seeing the Chihuly pieces. I find that I like the simpler pieces he does, like the baskets. Some of his work is too busy for my taste.

I loved the William Morris pieces. I had become a fan when I saw some of his work at the Mint Museum of Craft and Design in Charlotte a couple of years ago.

Now, I have met the work of Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová, a Czech couple who do chunky monochromatic pieces that are very subtle as the light flows through the different depths of glass.

These are some of the pieces I saw.

This is in the entryway of the exhibit. It is taller than my 5’4″ and surprisingly narrow. There is a bit of a curve so that when you look at it from the side it appears almost ready to topple backwards.

Vestment II looks kind of like a chasuble with bubbles in the glass resembling text (on first glance, anyway). This is a different version. The one I saw was brown rather than grey. It is about a yard wide.

Spaces III is about the same size and is a bit of an optical illusion. There are curves where there appear to be angles.

Cross Head reminds me of the Easter Island heads. The color, and the variations of intensity, is glorious.


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